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The Foundation School Grant Program

Teachers, counselors, and administrators working in Blackstone Valley Education Foundation Member Districts are invited and encouraged to submit proposals for funding under our School Grants Program.

The Foundation School Grant Program is made possible by contributions from local businesses that have a strong commitment to local education and to the mission of the Blackstone Valley Education Foundation. Without their support, these grants would not be possible. 

Applications for 2023-2024 Foundation School Grants open on February 1. 2023 and are due on April, 26, 2023.


Grant proposals will be reviewed by the Grant Committee in May of 2023.  Award Notifications and Award Agreements will be sent later that month.

Thank you so much. The BVEF Foundation has always been a wonderful support to our community. The teacher and building-based administrators wish to extend the foundation a big "Thank you"! - Nancy A.

Thank you for supporting our efforts to enhance the social emotional learning of our students. We are thrilled to be able to build this library and put it to use right away!! Our students will benefit from your generosity for years to come! - Keriann K.

3D Printer

Innovative Academic Grants

Focus: Education and Work-Force Connections
Awards: Up to $1000


Giraffe at the Zoo

BVCC Transportation Grant

Focus: Field Trips
Awards: Up to $500

School Kids Meditating

UniBank Enrichment Grant

Creative Enrichment
Awards: Up to $2000

Happy Twins

Foundation Grant 

Focus: Growth & Social-Emotional Learning
Awards: Up to $1000

Grant Examples

UniBank Enrichment Grant

UniBank Grant


  • Sutton High School

$1500 Connections Conference

High schools across Massachusetts will be invited to year two of the ‘Connections Conference’.  Students will learn about diversity, acceptance, and tolerance.  By attending a variety of workshops presented by college faculty from across the country, local non-profit organizations, and local business and community leaders, students will have knowledge to take with them back to their own communities.  Being culturally competent is a critical employment skill.

  • Uxbridge High School
    $1,500 Wellness Walk

Through the development of a sustainable student driven Wellness Walk Committee, students will create, implement, and maintain a walking path from which they will learn about health and wellness.  Information can be changed in and out of kiosks on a regular basis and displays will not only promote health and wellness strategies such as healthy recipes or forms of exercise and mindfulness, but also showcase student work, share community resources, and highlight upcoming events that are focused on wellness.  Students will also gain critical thinking, leadership, communication, and collaboration skills as they develop a yearly plan to rotate relevant wellness information. 

Creative learning experiences for students. 

Award Amounts: up to $2,000

To apply, click here.

Founded in 1870, UniBank has served the financial needs of the Greater Blackstone Valley and Beyond for nearly 150 years.  UniBank contributes to the overall quality of life and economic health of the communities it serves by providing a high level of financial soundness and integrity.  UniBank employees pride themselves on their strong commitment to the local community and are frequently visible in a wide variety of volunteer services. Visit for more information. 

BVCC Community Education & Transportation Grants




  • Millbury Jr-Sr High School          
    $388 Cycles of Matter: Upper Blackstone Water Pollution Abatement District

    After visiting the wastewater treatment plant, seventh grade students will compare traditional wastewater treatment to the water reuse process used in areas where water is scarce.

  • W. Edward Balmer Elementary School
    $500 A Home for Everyone
    Students will visit Southwick’s Zoo to learn about animal enclosures.  Zookeepers will talk with students about what an animal needs in its enclosure and how to care for the animals.  In the classroom, students will work in groups to research an animal’s habitat and design a prototype or model of the enclosure.  A Southwick’s Zoo employee will either visit or Skype to offer students feedback on their design.

Connecting schools with the community. 


Areas of Focus:

Field Trips & Transportation

Award Amounts:  up to $500


To apply, click here.

Part of the mission of the Blackstone Valley Chamber of Commerce is to provide leadership, support and resources in connection with issues which impact commerce and the quality of life in the Valley. In partnership with the Blackstone Valley Education Foundation, supporting comprehensive opportunities that allow Blackstone Valley students to learn about future possible future career paths is one way we achieve this goal.  Visit for more information.

BVEF Innovative Academic Grants




  • Blackstone Millville Regional High School
    $1,000 Dark Heat Transfer Printer for Graphic Design Department 
    With the purchase of a dark heat transfer printer, students will have opportunities to take part in self-motivated projects that will help them explore their interests in STEM career opportunities.

Connection between academic preparation and career readiness.

Award Amounts:  up to $1,000

To apply, click here.

Osterman Family Foundation Grants


  • This grant is NEW for the 2022 application season. Examples will be posted following the awarding of grants.

Grants are awarded to proposals that focus on student growth, with an emphasis on social-emotional learning and essential skills.

Award Amounts:  up to $1,000


The Osterman Family Foundation supports innovative efforts in education, physical and emotional health, violence prevention, and cultural enrichment for all. The foundation champions organizations throughout the New England area with diverse missions who selflessly dedicate their efforts to affecting a positive change in society. 

To apply, click here.

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