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Black Diamond



Presented by
The Blackstone Valley Education Foundation

in collaboration with
The Green Bean Project
Saturday May 20th, 2023.

  • Over 700 participants

  • 366 fine arts pieces (including 65 three-dimensional sculptures)

  • Representing students in grades K-12

  • 18 Schools

  • 10 School Districts including:

                  Auburn, Bellingham, Douglas, Grafton, Hopedale

                  Mendon/Upton, Milford, Northbridge, Sutton, Uxbridge  

What's Happening NOW!

A wide range of classes and workshops were offered including a professional development session called “Arts Integration for All”, an all ages theatre class called “Make-a-story, Make-a-Play”, and a unique movement workshop developed by Jacob’s Pillow entitled “Curriculum in Motion®”. Art teacher, Mrs. Hehir assisted students in creating a community canvas sponsored by the Sutton Cultural Council


Several local organizations and vendors were present including SC Wellness which provided a sound garden, crafts, and light yoga instruction. The Blackstone Valley Hub showed students how do use a laser printer while BVEF guided the use of VR headsets (virtual reality) and 25 students were awarded a free week at a Summer Manufacturing Camp. Six arts career speakers from diverse backgrounds joined a panel to help students understand various professional art pathways available: performing, cinematography, fine arts, music, and photography were represented. Lastly, performers from The Green Bean Project strutted their stuff on the red carpet, for an interactive Fashion Show just before the Closing Ceremony where four students were awarded the “Heart of the Valley” award for their exceptional artistry.

Arts in the Valley fosters an appreciation of the arts and culture by showcasing art curriculum necessary to shape future careers.  This event highlights the importance of arts in education while connecting professionals working in the Arts with students and educators.  Arts in the Valley is a day filled with dynamic workshops, interactive presentations, and a fine art show to captivate every audience.  

Organizations, businesses and professionals with an appreciation of the arts and culture and that prioritize the importance of the art curriculum necessary to shape future careers are invited to join in this celebration.  For more information on supporting this community event, please contact us.

Arts in the Valley History

Art in the Valley History

Beginning in 2006, Art in the Valley, was founded by Art Educator, Lorna Pezanelli and BVEF.  Quickly becoming the largest showing of student fine art in the Blackstone Valley, the event fostered an appreciation of art and culture.  The celebration showcased art curriculum highlighting necessary skills such as problem-solving, critical thinking, and inventiveness that help to shape future careers.

Lorna spearheaded the coordination of Art Teachers across all of BVEF's member districts to collect and highlight student art. Hundreds of pieces have been showcased every year to the delight of the thousands of community members that have attended. Each year the event has grown in popularity with close to 2,000 attendees enjoying hundreds of art pieces from 15 school districts at the most recent in-person event.

In response to the ever growing interest, BVEF has expanded the event to include multiple art forms, including the performing arts. Interactive workshops, educational presentations, and senior capstones have been added increasing participant engagement. The mission remains to highlight the importance of arts in education and the connection between arts education and workplace success.

Freestyle Art Gallery

Freestyle Art Gallery
Have some fun and play with Art from previous years of the AIV event!
Use your fingers on any mobile device or touch screen and move those pictures all around - try it!

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