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Thank You to our Community Partner Access TCA

In recent months, the relationship between the Foundation and Access TCA located in Whitinsville, MA has flourished! We are thrilled to be collaborating with this local leader specializing in designing and creating trade show exhibits and marketing experiences worldwide.

Tom Gardner, VP of Human Resources and BVEF Board Member, is always eager and willing to engage with local schools and support education in the Blackstone Valley. Through Connecting Activities such as Student Field Trips, or Immersion Experiences such as Job Shadows and Internships, Access TCA continually educates students and inspires innovation.

Tom recently shared this story highlighting the power of teamwork: Access employees had been working for months designing and creating the 3-dimensional brain exhibit shown above. Just days before the completion deadline, the team was informed that the “lines and dots” design (zoom in for a closer look!) was critical to the finished piece. “What happened over the next 6 days shouldn’t be so note-worthy at Access or in this industry …. However, the immediate actions and attitudes of so many employees should be celebrated and acknowledged and not just chalked up as yet another Access miracle.”

“Every line and square was cut on the vinyl cutter and applied by hand, one at a time. Most lines were applied, sliced to size with an X-acto blade and pressed on, and repressed on, and repressed on again. We would apply as much as possible then add a clear coat of spray to hold the efforts in place, wait a few hours, and repeat the process, all day, for 4-1/2 days. We had approximately a dozen official line-and-square-application-experts working on The Brain. Not one of these now experts was required to help. Not one of these employees

was given a minimum amount of time necessary to assist. Every one of them had plenty of work already on their plates. Yet, everyone who helped did so because there was a collective need. Everyone who helped did so with a fantastic attitude and work ethic. All we did was ask for help.”

The lines and squares challenge has become well-known, talked about and worked on by many of the folks at Access TCA. Everyone involved in The Brain project from design, account management, project management, detailing, CNC, crating and metal shop to the long production hours assembling, sealing and sanding all 320 pieces and of course the fantastic finish paint work - all deserve amazingly high praise. It was a project of extreme creativity, planning, expertise and craftmanship for which everyone involved should be recognized, not just the “lines and dots” experts. Surely, this is not the first time, or the last time that Team Access pulls off an incredible accomplishment.

This story is a true representation of the atmosphere and comradery experienced each and every time the Foundation interacts with Access TCA. Whether on site at with a Student Field Trip, at Board Meeting or through an Internship Opportunity, Access employees are eager to engage. Their team-first, and the ‘can I help with the brain?’ mindsets make this particular company a tremendous asset and wonderful example for students and educators across the Blackstone Valley. Tom and the employees at Access TCA generously support the Foundation by giving of their time, their talents and treasures. We appreciate all ways Access TCA enrichesthe BVEF mission!

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