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  • Complete and submit the Grant Application Form by the April 27, 2020 deadline

 Administrator's signature is required for submission.


Reviewing successful grant proposals can help you determine the important points to emphasize in your grant and will help you learn what it takes to write a successful grant proposal.





Please pay careful attention to the application instructions and the philosophy, mission statement, and partnership goals that are outlined on the application form.  We evaluate proposals based on how well they meet those requirements.


BVEF encourages grants that include one or more of the follow:

  • Innovative teaching or learning methods (including select professional development)

  • Proposals which directly link to BVEF mission and curriculum

  • Enhancements to existing curriculum or instruction

  • Expanding educational experiences of students while being sustainable

  • A focus on career readiness, professional development as well as school-wide community-building programs and project

  • Sustainability

  • Opportunities for recipients to share learning with colleagues

  • Pilots that can be expanded or replicated if successful

  • Strategic initiatives that address a unique situation or need that faces the school as a whole or a particular student population, grade, or area of study

  • The acquisition of materials and equipment necessary to implement a clearly defined educational initiative (such as software used to facilitate student scheduling or equipment that will broaden student access to innovative educational resources).

  • A connection between academic preparation with skills used in careers

  • Collaboration with other grades or teachers, community organizations or businesses

  • Student exposure to careers and jobs in the Blackstone Valley/Central Massachusetts

  • Requests that have matching or additional funds from their local or other Foundations or from other school initiatives to build capacity.

  • Ideas which addresses career awareness for K-6 grades

  • Students who are actively engaged in the development and implementation of the project

  • Creativity!


Helpful Tips:

Proposals should NOT include purchase of materials, programs, or equipment unless there is a well-articulated connection to student outcomes. Funding for equipment may be granted when required for a proposed project.  Ask yourself if the learning objectives for the proposed project could take place without the specific requested equipment.

What is generally outside BVEF’s scope?  A grant request that is for…

  • Furniture or facilities infrastructure/improvements

  • Classroom consumables (e.g. paper, markers)

  • A program initiated or overseen by people other than employees (e.g. parents, PTOs)

  • After-school or lunch clubs without a specific classroom tie-in

  • Salaries or stipends

  • The benefit of an individual student

  • Snacks or food to be served during programs

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