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BVEF is very excited to be able to offer an opportunity for Member Educators to apply for additional PDPs directly through BVEF. The formal process for requesting additional PDPs begins with the completion of this form

We also are able to have conversations with anyone interested to provide insight into what next steps you can take right away by applying knowledge learned through BVEF Professional Development Event(s) and submitting the form for additional PDPs. Please indicate an interest in having this 1:1 conversation by contacting us via email.

If you are interested in earning up to 10 PDPs then please:

  • Complete this form.

  • Submit a piece that clearly demonstrates your application of learning.

    • Examples may include a lesson plan, video clip, slideshow, narrative explanation, evidence of training colleagues, etc.

  • Our review committee will meet to evaluate your submission and award additional PDPs if approved.


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