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Virtual STEM Problem Solving Challenge

Beginning in January, sixty 10th and 11th grade students from Grafton High School and Blackstone-Millville High School participated in 3 virtual sessions and worked in small groups with Waters Corporation employees to devise solutions to a real-world challenge, Design a Waste Free City in a Circular Economy.

During a capstone session, current WPI students and alumni shared how this unique experience can help them in future learning and work. Andrew Polumbo, WPI's Dean of Admissions and Financial Aid, also shared practical strategies and tips surrounding the college application process.

The STEM Challenge Capstone, hosted in partnership with WPI, gave participating students the opportunity to engage with current WPI Students as well as Alumni.

Here's what students are saying:

"The most beneficial part of the BVEF STEM Challenge was the skills I learned through working with my team. Since this was a group project, I was able to develop my communication, collaboration, creativity, and leadership skills. These are all vital skills that I can use in my future, whether academic or social."

"When we had to solve a problem. I think working together and having to listen and add to each other’s views and ideas was very beneficial. It allows you to be open minded but also make sure your ideas are heard."

"Having a different group experience in relation with STEM was a beneficial experience as the largest group I have worked with was 3 people. Having more people meant more depth and more ideas than I had previously had experience with, and it enabled me to see what that looked and felt like."

"I will take the time to research colleges that I am interested in and to not be afraid to reach out for help."

"I plan on starting my college search by thinking about what I want to do. I learned that isn’t about how what other people think, it’s about my priorities. What I want to do is a decision that only I can make!"

For more information on BVEF's Virtual STEM Problem Solving Challenge visit our website:

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