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Student Shark Tank takes a Bite out of PBL!

Updated: Jun 7, 2021

Lenze Americas shark tank panelists provided a successful project-based learning experience and role modeled a partnership between a school and business.

Students from Uxbridge High School swam in the shark tank with Lenze employees and presented their original proposals during this entertaining and educational event hosted by BVEF.

This unique event highlighted how PBL (project based learning) experiences benefit both business and students/school and shared how other schools and businesses can also experience this success. The audience was able to see if there were any hurdles, how the project came about, how it benefits business, how it benefits students now and prediction for future benefits, communication, the idea that PBL can be both in person and virtual.

Students, staff, and BVEF employees had a great time with this event and we look forward to "Student Shark Tank" continuing and growing in the future.

LENZE also created a custom sticker that will be on the cases the students helped create. This sticker, giving students' credit, will be used internationally!

Way to go Uxbridge High students and Lenze Americas!

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