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Senior Scoop!

Updated: Feb 1, 2023

The Senior Scoop is a multi-district event

targeted to seniors in high school without a post-secondary plan.

The event being held on Thursday, April 27, at Imperial Cars in Mendon, MA. This multi-district Connecting Activities event will offer an abundance of information including regional employers that are hiring right out of high school, certification programs, and education programs available locally.

Students, with adult facilitators, will have the opportunity to apply for jobs on the spot, enroll in post-secondary programs, and walk away with a solid plan for their next step after graduation. We will be encouraging our employer and organizational partners to provide t-shirts and other materials items for students that are hired and/or enroll so they can highlight their plans during in-school days aligning with their college bound peers' experience during this time of year.

For more information about attending or participating in this event, contact Lauren at

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