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Professional Development - Work-Based Learning Session 2

On Thursday, December 9, BVEF hosted the 2nd in a 3-part Professional Development series focused on Work-Based Learning. In this session, "Tools and Resources for Work-Based Learning Success", 27 educators discussed options available to schools to assist in preparing all students for success after high school, regardless of the path they choose. Whether it is attending college, entering the workforce or obtaining certifications, resources are available to support both schools and students through this process.

Presenters, Dr. Leticia Boyles of Springfield Public Schools, Apelila Joseph and Jennifer

Bento-Pinyoun of MEFA, shared interactive Naviance and Pathway presentations detailing and explaining how the two platforms aid school counselors, helping students in middle and high school, learn to identify themselves. By utilizing various features of each platform, students are encouraged to acknowledge their strengths and explore interests, designing an individualized plan to navigate the next steps after high school graduation. A question & answer session also allowed participants to learn how Pathway and/or Naviance address some of the specific challenges they are facing.

When asked what participants enjoyed most about Session 2 "Tools and Resources for Work-Based Learning Success" participants offered the following testimonials:

“Information about Naviance career curriculum from actual counselors.”

“It was a reminder for me to go through both Naviance and MEFA Pathway to choose which features I’ll use from each program for each grade.”

“Learning about MEFA Pathway.”

“Lots of great examples and clear direction on specific lessons.”

A recording of this Professional Development Zoom as well as a collection of additional resources are available in the BVEF Member Community. Administrators and educators in our member districts are invited to join our Members Community. Visit the BVEF website and click on the Members Community Link. Please use your school email address for verification.

Teachers and administrators in our member districts can register HERE for session 3 of the Work-Based Learning PD Series - Showcasing Innovative Work-Based Learning Practices on Thu Jan 20, 2022.

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