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Party for Partnerships

Updated: Oct 3, 2022

Summer and September 2022 were a jamboree.

In alignment with the Foundation's annual organizational goal of Relationships, we have spent the "quiet" months of our year talking a so many business, schools, and support organization partners.

We encourage you to subscribe to BVEF News Feed if you would like to receive more in-depth and frequent updates. Newsletters will go out on the 1st of the month October-June this year. The BVEF News Feed will offer posts more frequently, approximately once per week for those that like to be "in the know."

Below is a bullet-point snapshot and photo gallery of the past couple months and our partnership work. With the BVEF staff, Danielle and Holly, back in September and our new staff colleagues, Ann and Lauren, getting their feet on the ground - you can expect more info going your way later this month. Keep your eyes on the lookout for those BVEF emails and be sure we are on your accepted sender lists!

  • MA Manufacturing Mash-Up Event at Polar Park Sponsor & participator with BVCC and BVHub

  • Touring FlexCon in Spencer, MA

  • Touring PrimeMetals in Sutton, MA

  • Touring AFFOA in Cambridge, MA

  • Accepting large book donation from Charlie Parker, Ratel Consulting of "Everyday Super Heroes: Women in Energy" & BostonOne visit with the BVHub

  • Exploring the new Samuel Slater Experience in Webster, MA

  • BVCC Events: Steamers at Sunset and Breakfast with Maura Healey

  • Funding NextGen Talent Project, specific to the Blackstone Valley, to support post-secondary success and our school counselors

  • Reinstatement of BVEF STEM Conference at Tufts Cummings School in Grafton, MA

  • Meeting new Superintendents Auburn, Sutton, Uxbridge

  • Welcoming back Auburn as a BVEF Member District

  • New Partnership with BRAINWorks in the Berkshires for Professional Development & Resources

  • New Partnership with AMEN Clinic in NYC for educator and student brain health

  • New Innovation Pathways Partnerships with BVHub

  • BVExcel Soft Skills Workshops: Interviewing, Networking, Job Shadow & Internships

  • "Inside the Valley" Radio Interview

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