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Making a Difference in the Classroom

BVEF's Fall 2022 PD is at its half-way mark.

Dr. Michael Baldassare, the 2022-23 Interim Superintendent of the Uxbridge School District, is one of only 36 professionally registered instructors (worldwide) of Therapeutic Crisis Intervention for Schools (TCIS) by Cornell University’s Bronfenbrenner Center for Translational Research.

The Foundation is in the midst of a 12-hour interactive Professional Development series, specifically for our Elementary educators, that allows them to access research-based tools and training for classroom intervention. The feedback is overwhelmingly positive from participants. Creating the space and time for BVEF schools to connect on the physical and emotional regulation challenges faced across many districts' classrooms promotes relationship-building and supportive networking. This paired with the research-based Cornell TCIS program's tools and concepts will have lasting positivity impacts as these district educators bring back content to share with colleagues.

TCIS training helps schools to:

  • Create a trauma-sensitive environment where students and adults are safe and feel safe

  • Pro-actively prevent and/or deescalate potential crisis situations with students

  • Manage a crisis situation in a therapeutic manner, and, if necessary, intervene physically in a manner that reduces the risk of harm to students and staff

  • Process the crisis event with students to help improve their coping strategies

TCIS works to enhance PBIS, as seen at the Walker School and other leaders in trauma-informed educational practices.

Programs that serve the mental health and emotional wellness of both students and educators are an important piece of the Foundation's mission of supporting students' life-long success in the workplace. As we continue to see ripple effects of the Covid pandemic, we are committed to following the science of what impacts students post-secondary trajectory and offering programs that align accordingly.

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