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Executive Director Transition

Updated: Aug 17, 2022

BVEF is excited to announce the transition to a new Executive Director beginning on July 1, 2022. After 8+ years of serving our schools, businesses and families, Erika Baum is resigning from her role as BVEF Executive Director. Joscelyn Young, current Innovation Pathways Coordinator, is stepping into the role of BVEF Executive Director.

Plans are already underway for the coming year! BVEF and our incoming Executive Director, Joscelyn, are looking forward to continuing to foster the relationships as BVEF continues to expand and strengthen business partnerships in and around the Blackstone Valley. BVEF optimistically awaits all that Joscelyn's vision, creativity and enthusiasm will bring to our growing organization.

Some Highlights from the 2021-2022 BVEF Events Calendar included: School Grant Program Expansion Women in STEM Leadership Academy STEM Challenge Innovation Pathways Services AIV Expansion Stay tuned for new opportunities forecast for BVEF in 2022-2023! BVEF Internships Reinstating Traditional Manufacturing Month Company Visits Business Site Visits Innovation Pathways Services Expansion Continued program alignment with school district initiatives Please feel free to reach out to Joscelyn at with any questions or programming ideas.

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