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BVEF School Grants Awarded!

Updated: Nov 19, 2020

The BVEF School Grants Committee met in September via Zoom to award grants to innovative educators and projects. These grants are made possible thanks to the ongoing support from our business partners and community donors: UniBank, Blackstone Valley Chamber of Commerce, Lampin Corporation, and our Annual Fund.

If you would like to become a School Grants Sponsor, please contact us!

Congratulations to our 2020-2021 School Grant Awardees!

Milford - Makerspace Phase 2

Students will be able to both independently and as a team diagnose and solve mechanical problems. At times, this will be achieved by manufacturing parts.


Hopedale - At Home Libraries for At-Risk Students

The current pandemic has heightened the degree of educational inequality. Hopedale will purchase books and resources for distribution to low income students and families.

Douglas - Introduction to Engineering

Introduction to Engineering is a new course being offered as a foundation for students who want to work in a hands-on program involving engineering, designing, and manufacturing.

Blackstone/Millville - Mindfulness & Movement Path for MES

The students of Millville Elementary will be able to access dedicated hallway space(s) to take an alerting or calming break through use of sensory movement and mindfulness path(s).

Uxbridge - Mental Health Technology-BioFeedback Equipment and DBT Training

Two forms of mental health "technology" will be purchased- biofeedback equipment and programming from Heart Math- to help build the coping skills of students. 

Sutton - Connections Conference 2010

The ‘Connections Conference’ is a social justice conference where students from all over Massachusetts will come to learn more about issues of diversity, acceptance, and tolerance.

Millbury - “Once a Woolie, Always a Woolie” Mural

Art and digital design students will research, design, and execute a mural for a highly-trafficked hallway of the school that showcases MHS alumni.

BVT - Connecting the Math Classroom to Engineering Program Via TI-84+CE

Engineering & Robotics Vocational Program students will utilize the same TI-84+CE graphing calculators they use in their present math classes with hands on shop projects and activities. 

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