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2021 BVEF Annual Business & Education Forum

Updated: Jun 7, 2021

Project-Based Learning: Utilizing PBL to Enhance Workplace Readiness

On May 12th, well over 100 educators, administrators, and business professionals from in and around the Blackstone Valley came together to connect, learn, and explore possibilities of partnership.

Keynote speakers included:

Joe Krajcik, Professor of Science Education, Michigan State University

Professor Krajcik discussed how can we change classrooms to promote learning environments that foster engagement and innovation. By sharing how content and practices work together to build useable understanding, Professor Krajcik showed us how to engage all students in

sense-making and use vision of the Framework to develop usable science knowledge.


Kristin Wobbe, Professor of Chemistry and Biochemistry/Director, Center for Project-Based Learning, Worcester Polytechnic Institute

Among the important information Professor Wobbe shared, she highlighted areas of the greatest long-term impact of PBL including:

Professional abilities: Taking responsibility for one’s own learning, developing ideas, integrating information, solving problems, understanding ethical responsibilities, using current technology.

Interpersonal and communication skills: Teamwork, project management, leadership, written and spoken communication, interpersonal dynamics, professional interactions.

Professional advancement: Succeeding in business or industry, gaining knowledge to inform future plans.

World views: Understanding connections between technology and society, awareness of how one’s decisions impact others, awareness of global issues, understanding of other cultures.

Personal impacts: Developing a stronger personal character, achieving work/life balance, feeling connected to the university community, having one’s life enriched in non-academic ways.


Next up came an exciting panel of professionals, teachers, and students.

Panel: Lenze Americas Employees and Uxbridge High School Students

Lenze employees & Uxbridge students shared their positive PBL experience with the Forum. Learn more

The Forum finished up with virtual round tables wherein ideas for the future abounded and connections were made between schools and businesses.


Want to know more?

Resources are available on the BVEF website as well as full recording of the event!

The full video of our Forum event is available in the BVEF Members Community. This online community is designed to provide video/print resources as well as an opportunity for educators and administers to connect as a community on a variety of topics.

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