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A primary goal of the Foundation is to "Connect Education with Experience" throughout the Blackstone Valley and beyond.  One way that we partner schools and businesses is by facilitating Internship Programs tailored to meet the needs of each school district.  

Internship opportunities provide real life experiences and play a pivotal role in student career choices.  These programs provide a means of bringing education and industry closer together. With the help of BVEF, both business and schools are able to collaborate and understand the needs and challenges of working together.




Why are Internships valuable for education?

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Internships help students gain valuable work experience, fulfill academic requirements and introduce many aspects of full-time employment while allowing the exploration of individual interests and form your personal career goals

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How can employers benefit from Internships?

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Organizations of all sizes and industries hire interns to gain valuable support for both the business and its existing employees. Internships allow companies to invest in their own future success, discover new talent and future leaders.

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For more information about Internships, please contact
Tom Belland, Internship Consultant or Lauren Barrett, Partnership Coordinator.

Educators interested in learning more are invited to participating in our Internship Coordinator Meetings.

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