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Virtual STEM Problem Solving Challenge

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2021-2022 Program Information

Blackstone Valley Education Foundation is collaborating with Waters Corporation, BVEF Member High School, and Worcester Polytechnic Institute to expose students to local businesses to not only increase career awareness but also to provide opportunities for students to implement/practice skills that are crucial to workforce success.  This program highlights the importance of aligning economic and workforce development through employer partnerships.

Given a real-world challenge, students will work in teams to learn and apply problem solving skills/deep human skills to devise an innovative solution. Waters Corporation employees will identify and share a STEM-related problem with students who then apply skills following a business model problem solving process to construct a plan to solve it. 

Participation offers students opportunities to:

  • Participate in virtual project based work to better understanding the business model problem solving process

  • Experience first hand the uses for STEM in everyday life, and career applications

  • Identify, develop and practice problem solving skills and deep human skills

  • Boost the interest, awareness and ability for all learners, including those who are  underrepresented in STEM fields

  • Help students envision themselves in STEM s and to pursue STEM careers.

  • Build interpersonal skills that are a key factor to success including teamwork and problem-solving.

If you have any questions please contact Holly McNeil, .